Sunday, 28 February 2010

It's Sunday - have a break! :)

Go can spare an hour or so!
Instead of sitting in your room, all alone with a coffee, come to the Eagle Tavern this afternoon, and have a coffee there! You never know, the excellent live jazz might just inspire you some more...

I will be in there from abour half past one, and it finishes at about half three...but of course you don't need to stay for the whole set. Remember, it's free to get in! (But there is a raffle - £1 a strip - which goes towards paying the band.)

Today's band is the Quentin Collins (trumpet) and Brandon Allen (sax) Quartet. Haven't seen this lot before, but looking at the biogs, they have played with some pretty big names, so they should be able to hold a tune! :)

Hope to see you there!


  1. The temptation.. aaahh :/ :D

  2. I would Jackie but I am going for an all you can eat chinese, which I am far to excited about, have a great time though :)

  3. it but never heard it live. I would have loved to see their performance if only I was in Kent :-( ... nways, from next year, am moving closer to Uni so hopefully things would settle for me and I shall have my time to enjoy :-)