Friday, 1 April 2011

The old blokes have still got it!

Last night I went to see 10cc in concert - I expect some of you don't even know who they are! But I'm sure you would recognise the songs...
Anyway, it was a great evening, with a fantastic accoustic set to start with, before the old blokes strutted their stuff in the time-honoured fashion.
It was fun to look around the audience - I was probably just about the youngest one there! It was hard to image all these 'mature' people with long hair and flairs in the 70s... :)

And the most well known song probably -


  1. Oh yes, I recognise the last one :D

  2. I know who they are!! my mum loves them HEHE and I accimpanied my mum and dad to a concert a few years ago hehe :D

  3. gooooooood classic awesome rock at its best :)