Monday, 19 April 2010

Thank you for hugs and cups of tea!

As a few of you know already, my Dad passed away don't panic if I suddenly burst into tears. Also last night was the first night I had slept for about a week (and that was wine-induced, so not ideal), so if you see me dropping off in the next few days, do me a favour and give me a kick!
Anyway, plenty going on this week to keep me busy. Good luck everyone with the 'final push'!


  1. Awww no. I'm sorry to hear about your dad Jackie. Perhaps this time for crit it should be us who bake cookies or muffins for you.

  2. It seems crass to post a very mundane request under this blog post... but I just wanted to ask if you could nag-by-proxy re. the student survey; there's still a whole bunch of first years you either haven't done it - or haven't confirmed; I know you're busy fielding questions about slime, but could you crack the whip... :-)