Thursday, 6 May 2010

Cheer me up, someone!

A stressful day off trying to organise flowers,etc for my Dad's funeral tomorrow...the vicar has only just come back to me with the details for tomorrow, so now I am desperately trying to make 'order of service' cards, while listening to my Mum's selection of!

So now I need cheering up - a prize to the person who makes me laugh the most! (Probably chocolate...!)
See you all next week...


  1. Someone sent me this the other day. It is very well done, not sure what it was in aid of though! Hopefully it will add a bit of cheer.

    Good Luck tomorrow Jackie :)

  2. Jokes :S I'm all out. Good luck with the funeral *hands over tissues*. Godwin sugested that you7 should have came to us to help you do the 'Order of Service' cards and we all agreed :).

  3. Sam, that's pretty funny :D. Wish someone would do that say at London Victoria XD

  4. Brilliant Sam - you are a contender! :)