Saturday, 22 May 2010

This time last year...

...I was a frantic third year, trying desperately to get my major project finished!

I made a quilt, (or 'comforter' as they are sometimes known) based on my research for the dissertation which looked at 'Nostalgia and Place'. (Actually, the dissertation was on nostalgia and heritage, but my research led me to question whether nostalgic sentiment is a comfort or if it holds you back.) So anyway, I made this enormous quilt, which was machine stitched with colours of the Scottish landscape, before being hand-quilted into neuron shapes to symbolise memory, finally having maps hand-stitched into the centre panel. Hmmmm...!
Then in the final week, Debra (the tutor) decided that maybe I should make some cushions too... Luckily, I like a challenge!