Friday, 13 November 2009

Community Service Announcements!

On a lighter note to my last post, I thought I would recommend a couple of local places for you poor, cash-strapped students to spend your loans... both a bit different, in their own ways!

Firstly, for anyone that enjoys live jazz, there is The Eagle Tavern on Rochester High Street. This pub is usually pretty empty if you walk past during the day, but on a Sunday lunchtime, it hosts a different jazz band every week. It gets nice and busy, with regulars and tourists, old and young alike, and it has a really good atmosphere. In the summer there is a sunny garden at the back...
It is free to get in, but there is a raffle to support the band - I have won several times!! And they have free roast potatoes on the bar! The doors open at 12, the band usually starts about 1pm and finish about 3.30.
During the week, they have other live music in the evening...

The other place is in Strood, just over the bridge right by the river... spookily enough, it is called the Riverside Tavern!

It prides itself on being Medway's number one gay-friendly pub, and it does some absolutely brilliant meal deals! The best one is on Thursdays, where you can have any of the huge burgers, with fries and the best homemade coleslaw PLUS a pint or bottle beer all for only £5 ! (Some of the burgers alone would normally be over £8!) On Monday and Friday, it is Steak night - a rib-eye steak, fries and salad for a fiver, and Tuesday is 2 x Scampi and fries for a fiver.
Apart from the excellent food, they have club night on a Wednesday and quizzes etc throughout the week, and lots of other theme nights throughout the year. And again, a really nice garden area right on the riverside...not much good in this weather, admittedly!

Obviously, being gay-friendly means that you get a wide mixture of people in here, but it is also family friendly, and I have been in loads of times with my elderly parents. Ladies, just be aware that some of the chaps will have better make-up and nicer stockinged legs than you! :)

I am off there myself for my dinner tonight - woohoo! No cooking !!

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