Thursday, 5 November 2009

Lesbian Undertones....

Yes, Phil, I agree, the lesbian undertones give an extra edgy feel to the film. Not only do you feel that the house is stalking poor Eleanor, but also that the mind-reading Theo is after her too. And her ability to 'read' Eleanors home situation seemed to give her the upper hand- note her frequent references to being like sisters with Eleanor, sisterly love being in short supply in the Lance household...

PS... The Lesbian Undertones - what a great name for a female punk band!!


  1. Indeed! :-) Yes, poor Eleanor - she's properly doomed in that it's somehow clear from the off that she is a jigsaw piece with a predestined fate - that she'll never escape - and was never meant to... that's why I love the movie so much; from psychoanalytical perspective, it's just so sad.

  2. Another great resource for you and Ethan... lots of would-be Hill Houses on this site!