Sunday, 1 November 2009

The Pit..

So I thought I would have a little play with one of the texts, the Pit and the Pendulum. Not too bad for 6 o'clock on a Sunday morning....


  1. Well, after waking up a bit more, I have decided that really this is a load of rubbish...not nearly menacing enough! Can anyone advise me how Phill did the atmosphere effect at the end of the lesson? I think it was 'colour dodge' but I can't find it! Mind you, I am using an older version of PS...

  2. Dear Jackie,

    I absolutely LOVE the fact that you're blogging! :-) Bloody brilliant! You're already making a big contribution to the year group and this is just great; for some more Poe related artwork, check out the illustrations by Harry Clarke... I for one will be 'watching' and reading what you do (and I WILL be strict!). I'd be particularly interested in your responses to the various movies I'm going to show - sharpen your critical eye and all that! :-)

  3. hi jackie is it okay i have your contact detail, so i can call you when im absent next time.

    oh and like the picture

  4. Ah to create the atmosphere effect Phil made, you create a new layer with a Colour Dodge blending mode set from the drop down menu in the layers panel. Also lower the opacity of the layer slightly, and simply begin to brush with the desired colour. Use a soft round brush for best results when doing this!