Monday, 16 November 2009

More tissues, please!

Well, what can I say - that film is a classic! I have seen it so many times, and it still does not fail to move me . (Today, I came out a nervous wreck, from having held back the floods of tears!)

Edward Scissorhands restores my faith in the ability of a fairystory to address everyday issues of morality, in a manner that leaves you thinking... was it right for Peg to bring Edward down from his castle, thereby tainting his innocence with the banalities of small-town life? Is it right for the townspeople to exploit his abilities, in effect making him a freakshow exhibit? On this note, I find the TV interview particularly unsettling, Edward's quiet dignity when being interviewed, contrasting so strongly with the boorish behaviour of the 'boyfriend' Jim.
Although the film is nearly 20 years old, the comments on celebrity status could not be more relevant today - how easy it is to be swept along and made into some sort of cult figure or icon, only to have the tide turn on you by some spiteful word or action...

Pure brilliance!!

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  1. Yes - I was bit choked too + a Christmas Eve-style thrill of excitement too; it's a perfect film - perfect structure, chockful of ideas and satire, and finally, a genuine fairystory - beautiful!