Friday, 13 November 2009

Dazed and Confused of Strood

Was it only me, or was yesterdays 'lecture' a little on the weird side...?

I think Jude's idea was to get us to question our perception of Eastern culture, based on the 1983 pseudo-documentary film Sans Soleil. I had never actually heard of this film, however last night made a point of having a look at the background, and I must say, I think that if we had been a bit better prepared for it, it might have been easier to watch. Just being thrown into it as we were, left me actually feeling physically sick and with a massive headache by the end - it was like a sensory overload... and I have since discovered that we only saw a fraction of it, as it is in fact well over an hour long!

I would recommend having a look at a review or two, as I feel that there is probably going to be a point in one or two of your (student) lives where you will suddenly remember this film and be able to use it for ...something!
Here are a couple to get you started...

Still not sure about the monkey-porn though...

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