Wednesday, 17 March 2010

And the Oscar for quickest morph goes to...

ME!! Haha! - it actually sort of works... if there was anything I would do differently, it would be to add a few more frames in the first half- I think the transitions between the Jazz sax and art stuff are a bit too rapid. My favourite bit is the knitting to ice cream to earth sequence. And of course, in the tradition of the Oscars there are some people I need to thank - Jack, for showing me the workings of the scanner, and Ethan, for actually bringing it to life.... chips for you tomorrow Ethan! :)


  1. Is looking really cool, can you believe I dont hae the paper yet after I ordered 2 weeks ago.

    !st from chromacolour, who can even write my address properly and not even mentioned anything until 3 days ago, and then the UK Mail is just useless, that can even find my house.... just simply unbelievable... I may receive the paper tomorro so I can crack on with the morphing task even though I will just have 1 day to do it

  2. I like it! Very very very very good!

  3. Looks great Jackie, hopefully mine will resemble an actual animation!

    Ruben, I'm in the same boat, they finally sent my paper on Monday after some complications, and I should have it tommorow, but I might not have time to do the animation for Friday. I'll have to scavenge some paper and do it without a peg.

  4. This is great, Jackie! :-) You're so 'hands on!'