Monday, 22 March 2010

Seven Ages of Britain - Age of Ambition (Modernity...)

Don't know if anyone saw this last night, but it might be useful if anyone needs info on Modernity and Art...

It's an hour long, and unfortunately spends far to much of that time on the repugnant Tracey Emin for my liking, but there you go...! Personal taste and all that...
There are some interesting snippets that might lead to further research.
Enjoy! :-}


  1. Thanks Jackie :). I got the free booklet they were giving ouxt on this program. Haven't read it yet though.

  2. Thank god for Iplayer. I'll watch this at some point when I'm more awake. I can't stand Tracey Emin either, if an untidy bed is great art I'm the next Rembrandt.