Saturday, 20 March 2010

Fish and Chips in Whitstable!

Well... we had a great day out today in (almost) sunny Whitstable -
lovely fish n chips followed up by Phil's exhibition! As a very amateur photographer myself, I have to say that I found Tutor Phil and Jan's photographs the most interesting...Phil's in particular. Although saying that, Photoshop Phill's plaster heads were also well made - were they cast or carved?

I hope that the accompanying students had a good time, and saw that there is life outside Rochester! :0)
Phil - one comment - the 'common' name would have been good alongside the Latin... I think the pink one was an onion of some sort (that was my fav) and the white multi-headed one a cowslip or something like fennel maybe?

Alex and Jolanta studying Photoshop Phill's busts!

Tracey by Phil's photos

Phil giving Alex some directions...

Jack and jolanta by Jan's work...

Not a storyboard in sight...!

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