Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Can anyone tell me if I have missed the film 'The Last Station', with Helen Mirren and Christopher Plummer ? I really wanted to see it...
Anyway, I have a request - in preparation for the film, I have been trying to read Anna Karenina, to give me an insight into Tolstoy's writing; however, I think I must have a rubbish translation, as it seems to be pretty badly written- I keep getting glimpses of how it should possibly be, but it is obscured by garbled grammar!
Mine is translated by Constance Garnett, and published by Pan. Does anyone have another translation I could borrow?
Here's the trailer anyway - hope I haven't missed it!

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  1. I've actually just found out that this is one of the first translations into English, so maybe I need a more contemporary one... any ideas?