Saturday, 6 March 2010

Spring... by Tolstoy

I am really enjoying Anna Karenin, and found this lovely descriptive passage about the arrival of spring - I am hoping that tomorrow there might be some signs that it is nearly here...

'In the morning the sun rose brilliant and quickly melted the thin ice on the water, and the warm air all around vibrated with the vapour given off by the awakening earth...the young grass thrust up its tiny blades; the buds swelled on the guelder-rose and the currant bushes, and on the sticky, resinous birch trees, and the honey-bee hummed among the golden catkins of the willow. Invisible larks broke into song above the velvety green fields and the ice-covered stubble-land...Spring had really come.'


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  1. You wouldn't know it today - it's brass monkeys out there!